Fence of cargo
at the supplier
Cargo insurance
Customs clearance
Customs clearance of all goods and provide a copy of the customs declaration
Closing documents
When paying by bank transfer, we provide documents in accordance with the law
We insure cargo for the full value of the invoice
Let's fly!
We will pick up the cargo
in Shenzhen and Hong Kong
Insurance / Maintenance / No flight delays
Delivery of miners
from China and Hong Kong
in 7-10 days

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R7 Logistics & Supplies - specializes in the delivery of mining equipment "door to door", providing reliability, timeliness and an innovative look at business processes.

It is a representative logistics operator providing a full range of services in the field of customs clearance of shipments around the world.
Supply and logistics partner
Professional team and first class service
Save time and money with R7 Logistics & Supplies. Find a solution
Safe and reliable cargo transportation solutions
The cost of services for the delivery and registration of equipment
You can always contact our equipment supply manager, and he will advise you in detail on the cost of transportation services at each stage and calculate the full cost for you.
Included in the price:
  1. Cargo check and photo report
  2. Fence of cargo
  3. unloading
  4. Cargo registration
  5. Consolidation in the warehouse
100$ / lot
Cargo collection
in China
Included in the price:
  1. Insurance
  2. GTD
  3. Flight
  4. Delivery to a warehouse in Moscow
23$ / kg
Air freight and customs clearance
Included in the price:
  1. Consolidation in the warehouse
  2. Loading
  3. Delivery to the address or shopping mall in Moscow
  4. Sending cargo through shopping mall*
50$ / lot
in Russia
* If you are not in Moscow
Supply Consultant
Years of productive cooperation in terms of delivery and sale of Whatsminer equipment allowed R7 to become an official partner of MicroBT
Authorized partner of the company
Actions lead to results

The documents

Licenses and certificates
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TIN 7813653834 / KPP 781301001
PSRN 1217800082972
Jur. address: 197136, St. Petersburg,
10-line V.O., 15, Lit. A, Plac. 1Н