Blockchain Life Awards 2024: Nomination – Best mining distributor

Antminer HS3 9T – 9 TH

Bitmain's Antminer HS3 is the latest evolution in Handshake computer performance. The Bitmain Antminer HS3 delivers extraordinary 9 Th/s hashrate performance with low power consumption of only 2079 Watts. This means 231 Joules of energy per terahash.

HS3 delivers increased productivity, innovative efficiency and a new industry standard. HS3 provides a balance of performance optimization and energy saving.

Bitmain HS3 is the most powerful Handhake miner released to the market. HS3 is at the forefront of Handshake cryptocurrency mining, providing smooth and profitable mining.

In addition to excellent power indicators, do not forget about the high reliability of the device itself. Ensuring high-quality cooling and durable material from which the case is made give the miner the opportunity to work for many years.

4 coolers allow you not to worry about the device overheating even under the most severe loads. The noise level is kept at an acceptable level - 75 dB. The size of the miner itself is 331 x 234 x 391 mm.

Our company supplies new devices directly from the manufacturer. We receive equipment from China without intermediaries. Thanks to this, we provide favorable conditions for our clients.

Our advantages:
1. Delivery throughout Russia to any region.
2. Convenient payment methods for devices.
3. Providing a guarantee for miners.
4. Technical support assistance during setup.
5. Warranty and service.

You can find out detailed information about Antminer HS3 from our specialist using the contacts listed on the website.

Coins: Handshake (HNS)

Energy consumption: 2079 Вт

Algorithm: Blake2B+SHA3

Hashrate: 9 Th/s