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Whatsminer M50 – 122 TH

Whatsminer M50 has a performance of 118 Th/s with a power consumption of only 3248 W. The miner has the usual light and strong aluminum body. The M50 is equipped with high-performance and energy-efficient 5nm chips from the global electronics giant Samsung. Everything also features an integrated power supply and improved dual-cooler air cooling.

Unlike the previous M30 line, the new ASIC has increased efficiency, on average by 15%. The company is confident in the quality of the equipment and assures long operating time.

The device uses the well-known SHA-256 algorithm, which is used to mine Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

MicroBT also found a way to maintain power throughout the entire operating time, which was a small problem previously.

Whatsminer M50 was released in July 2022. The new product has already attracted the interest of many, as it shows good payback forecasts. The device operates on the SHA-256 algorithm. This allows you to configure the mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The forecasts for this model are positive. However, today it is only available for pre-order.

General characteristics of the model

ASIC Whatsminer has already been known on the market for several years. The M50 series appeared quite recently and is the latest from the MicroBT brand today. However, next year the manufacturer will definitely please you with a new product.
The power of the equipment is 118Th/s. This is a fairly high performance indicator for modern ASICs. We also have a more powerful model.

Whatsminer M50 has a built-in power supply. Coolers are installed for the cooling system. Operates on 220 volt power supply. Power consumption is 3468 V.

The miner operates at a standard temperature range. Interface – Ethernet 10/100M. The noise level reaches 75 dB, and the weight is 12.5 kg.
Where is it profitable to buy
Our company supplies new devices directly from the manufacturer. We receive equipment from China without intermediaries. Thanks to this, we provide favorable conditions for our clients.

Our advantages:
1. Delivery throughout Russia to any region.
2. Convenient payment methods for devices.
3. Providing a guarantee for miners.
4. Technical support assistance during setup.
5. Warranty and service.

You can find out detailed information about Whatsminer M50 from our specialist using the contacts listed on the website.