Blockchain Life Awards 2024: Nomination – Best mining distributor

Antminer K7 – 58 TH

Bitmain announced the release of CKB Miner K7 very recently - in early November 2022. Considering the stated technical characteristics, the new model from the leading company producing ASIC miners will be one of the most productive in history. At the very least, it will definitely become the most powerful ASIC for mining altcoins.

The main distinguishing feature of CKB Miner K7 is its algorithm. Unlike the vast majority of ASICs produced by Bitmain and running on the SHA-256 algorithm, this model runs on Eaglesong. That is, this device cannot mine Bitcoin, but at the same time it perfectly mines the Nervos CKB cryptocurrency.

Our company supplies new devices directly from the manufacturer. We receive equipment from China without intermediaries. Thanks to this, we provide favorable conditions for our clients.

Our advantages:
1. Delivery throughout Russia to any region.
2. Convenient payment methods for devices.
3. Providing a guarantee for miners.
4. Technical support assistance during setup.
5. Warranty and service.
You can find out detailed information about Whatsminer M50 from our specialist using the contacts listed on the website.

Монеты: CKB

Энергопотребление: 3080 Вт

Алгоритм: Eaglesong

Хэшрейт: 58 Th/s