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Whatsminer M60 – 168 TH

WhatsMiner M60 is MicroBT's first development in the 1X J/Th era. It is distinguished by the fact that it operates on an ultra-low voltage system and is highly energy efficient. The miner is air-cooled and uses an advanced 3nm processor. This will significantly improve the energy efficiency of mining and reduce energy costs.

The company has released a new line, which includes the Whatsminer M60. The device was released in July 2022. The model has excellent value for money. The device's return on investment is also good.

General information about ASIC

Whatsminer is a brand that has been known in the cryptocurrency market for quite some time. The M60 series is new, having only been released that year. Therefore, ASIC can only be obtained by pre-order.

The miner operates at a power of 120 Th/s. Designed specifically for the SHA-256 algorithm, which is used for mining Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and other cryptocurrencies. The energy consumption of the equipment is 3248 W. This indicates fairly high performance.

The device has a built-in power supply. This eliminates the need for nine contact cables. Operates from a 220 volt outlet.
The comfortable temperature range for the equipment is -5...+35℃. The device produces a noise level of 75 dB. Its weight reaches 12.8 kg. The permissible humidity level is 10-90%.

Where to buy a new ASIC at a good price

Our company works with the MicroBT manufacturer without intermediaries. Therefore, we provide the most optimal prices for Whatsminer M60. The equipment is available on pre-order. The price immediately includes the cost of delivery by air. Deadlines may vary, so we communicate them on an individual basis.
Our advantages:
1. Delivery within the Russian Federation.
2. Warranty for the miner.
3. Help with setup.
We provide warranty and service maintenance. You can learn more about Whatsminer M60 from a company representative.

Coins: Bitcoin (BTC)

Algorithm: SHA-256

Hashrate: 170 TH/s

Energy consumption: 3383 Вт