Blockchain Life Awards 2024: Nomination – Best mining distributor

Antminer KS5 Pro 21T – 21 TH

The Antminer KS5 Pro miner is a device for mining the KAS cryptocurrency, providing high efficiency and profitability. Thanks to its optimized architecture and 3150 Watt power, this miner is capable of achieving mining results thanks to its hashrate of 21 Th/s, while minimizing energy costs.

Our advantages:
1. Delivery throughout Russia to any region.
2. Convenient payment methods for devices.
3. Providing a guarantee for miners.
4. Technical support assistance during setup.
5. Warranty and service.
You can find out detailed information about Antminer KS5 Pro from our specialist using the contacts listed on the website.

Монеты: Kaspa

Энергопотребление: 3150 Вт

Алгоритм: kHeavyHash

Хэшрейт: 21 Th/s